How you can start creating your dream reality now.

How you can start creating your dream reality now.

Thought power really is the key to creating your dream reality. Everything you perceive or experience in your visible, outer world begins in the invisible, inner world of your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. By learning to direct the nature of your dominant way of thinking, which is what determines your mental state and vibration…well this is how you become the master of your destiny. 
By doing this you will be able to attract whatever you desire into your reality.

Thought is energy, vibrating at a fast pace. Energy cannot be destroyed, it is merely transformed into matter which vibrates at a slower pace. E=mc2. This is when it manifests into our reality that we can see and touch. 
If we spend more time imagining and dreaming our future, while matching the vibration of the life we want to live. We can speed up the rate at which our dreams become true.

Simple right? But not easy, if it was then we would all be where we want to be. Mostly we can dream and have a good vision of what we want but then we let our current climate lower our vibration. This is why we need to focus on who it is we need to be to create our dreams and become that person and that vibration now , all while we do the mental work and focusing our thoughts.

These steps should help make it a little easier…

The first step is actually becoming more aware. Step back and be the observer. Notice the thoughts that pass through your head and note if they are positive or negative, as you do this you will se what is holding you back and what is beneficial.

Direct your thoughts
So once you have become more aware of the constant stream of thoughts going through your head, this is when you can change them to suit your dream. If they are negative, don’t beat yourself up, be compassionate and simply turn them around to be more positive, If they are positive, you will feel the difference anyway. Keep this in mind while you are creating your new thoughts to be more in alignment with your reality, kind of like affirmations.

You can actually do both of these steps with meditation and visualisation.

Now although we know being positive and in a high vibe mood will bring us more things to help sustain that, it is very unlikely you will be able to keep that sort of vibration up all the time. Life is full of ups and downs, ebbs and flows and cycles that are just a natural part of life. However you can be more mindful of your thoughts and do something about them if you wish.
Just as we build daily habits, your thoughts are the same and the more you keep them positive that’ll become your natural vibration which in itself will attract more of what you want.

I’m going to be doing a masterclass on Thursday to go over this in more details which will also include a short guided visualisation to help manifest your dreams. Details for this are below.

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