Do you let fear hold you back?

Do you let fear hold you back?

Come on, be honest now… Fear comes disguised in many ways. It’s not just that freeze on the spot or fight or flight response. You could be procrastinating, when you know you have something you need to get done but keep putting it off or finding something else to do instead and so it keeps getting put on the back burner until before you know it another month has gone by and you still haven’t done it. Or maybe something comes up which is suddenly more important…

Here are a few common signs that you are letting fear run your life…

  • You are being too much of a perfectionist
  • You are settling for less than your dreams
  • You say no when you mean yes and vice versa
  • You procrastinate….a lot
  • You let yourself get distracted through food, alcohol, Social Media or just being busy
  • You’re very much a control freak
  • You don’t speak up for what you believe in
  • You find it hard to make decisions
  • You get sick and rundown a lot.

Do any of these sound like you? I know I do at least 2 of them but I’m very aware of when I’m starting to let fear run the show. Now you might be thinking….”OK then, how do we move past it and get on with creating our happy, healthy and aligned life?” Well the following are just a few ways you can get past it and you will already know this but as with most things it’s not a one shot miracle. This sort of thing requires constant work if you are going to keep moving forward…

Meditate – This takes practice and commitment but you will benefit from it straight away, even if you only begin with 5 minutes a day. It not only has been scientifically proven to reduce fear but has so many other benefits too.

Ask yourself if it’s true! – Whatever the thought is that has popped into your head and keeping you from doing something. Ask yourself if it’s true…because most of the time it isn’t.

Find your Tribe – Whenever you’re going through anything, it’s always good to have support. Find likeminded people who are going to support and empower you through your dreams and limit your time with the negative nellies.

Trust – Trust that everything is working for you and that you are fully supported because lets be honest when we can let go of the worries and concerns and I mean really let go and surrender….thats when the awesomeness happens.

I really could add so much more onto this list but it ultimately comes down to your self-belief and courage to face the fear and do it anyway. Here are a few of my favourite books to help you move past fear and start creating your dream life.

Feel the fear and do it anyway – Susan Jeffers

You Got This – Caroline Foran

Girl, Wash your face – Rachel Hollis

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